Nebelung History by Cora Cobb

One could say that Siegfried and Brunhilde, the first Nebelungs, were the inspiration for the breed, because it would not have been started without them. When Siegfried was born in August 1984, I never dreamed I would found a new breed of cat.

Siegfried’s mother was Elsa, a black Domestic Shorthair belonging to my son, Karl and his father was a cat which looked like a Russian Blue. Although I knew that Elsa’s father was a longhair (resembling a black Angora), I was surprised to find that, out of a litter of six black and blue shorthairs, one was a blue longhair. He was big and outstandingly beautiful, with the long legs, long tail and distinctive features of the Russian Blue combined with medium long hair. I decided he must become my cat and named him Siegfried.

Five months later, another litter was born to Elsa and her blue boyfriend. This time there were seven kittens, including two longhair females, one blue and one black. The little blue female was so beautiful and unusual, her silky hair longer and lighter than Siegfried’s, that I thought they could be the start of an entirely new cat breed.

When I accepted a computer contract in El Paso, Texas, I brought Siegfriied and Brunhilde with me from Denver, Colorado. They were great companions for me in a strange city, loving and intelligent, but rather shy with strangers. The only problem was that Karl and I had allowed Siegfried to go outside when he was very young. After a few months cooped up in my efficiency apartment, he became so insistent that I had to let him out at night. After a few fights, he became the absolute leader of the apartment complex. Once he stayed away for nearly a week, during which time I frantically searched for him, even in the city animal shelter, but he returned with a bitten foot and never strayed far again.

In May 1986, Siegfried and Brunhilde’s first litter was born. They were gorgeous kittens, with their father’s Russian Blue body type and their mother’s long glossy hair. The three kittens proved lively and healthy and a lot of fun. Brunhilde took excellent care of them. When they were a couple of months old, I decided to see how to start a new breed of cat.